You can share your masternode referral link with others to get bonus earnings when they purchase tokens.

For every token purchased directly purchased from someone that clicked your masternode link, you receive 20% of the dividend earnings (2% of the total buy-in amount). For example, if a friend buys 10 BNB from your masternode, you make an extra 0.2 BNB in earnings instantly!

Note that masternode referral bonuses are only collected on the purchase of tokens and you do not receive any further bonus for reinvestments or token sells. However, if someone has used your masternode, you will receive bonuses on every purchase for life.

Can I buy PYRA using my own masternode?

You are not able to use your own masternode to buy using the same wallet. If you try to buy from your own masternode with the same wallet address, the 10% tax is split to everyone as if you didn't use any masternode at all.

Can I use my own masternode to reinvest my profit?

Masternodes are only used for buys and are not used for any re-invests. If someone buys using your masternode, you will get credit but any future re-invests do not run through your masternode.

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